Finance Fundamentals for High-Growth Startups w/ Mosaic


It’s easy for CEOs and founding teams to get caught up in the minutiae of growing a startup and lose sight of building a robust finance function.

But if you design it well from day one, it can free up the bandwidth for you to tackle the more complex issues that crop up during the startup journey.

In this episode, special guest host Steve Lord, Head of Burkland’s CFO, Fintech, and Knowledge Share Practice, speaks with the founding team from Mosaic about how to effectively build out a finance function, including the people and resources needed to make it successful.

Our guests are:

-Bijan Moallemi, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

-Joe Garafalo, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

-Brian Campbell, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Topics covered:

-How and when startup founders should build out a finance team

-How the tech stack should develop alongside finance

-The challenges of systems integration

This discussion with Bijan Moallemi, Joe Garafalo, and Brian Campbell was taken from our show Startup Success. The Mosaic founding team can be found on LinkedIn:

And on their website:

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