Why Silicon Valley is More Mindset Than Place: A Conversation w/ Jeff Burkland & Andy McLoughlin


Not everyone can become a successful founder, but a successful founder can come from anywhere. The increasing number of amazing businesses sprouting up throughout the United States is prompting venture capitalists to seek out new ventures all over the country.

In this episode, special guest host Jeff Burkland, Founder & CEO of Burkland, returns! He talks with Andy McLoughlin, Partner at Uncork Capital, about why this shift is occurring and what it means for the future of the startup ecosystem.

Topics covered:

-What makes a good founder

-Helping startups navigate the changing landscape

-Silicon Valley becoming more of a mindset than a place

-Deciding on a remote, in-office, or hybrid model

-Pitching on zoom

This discussion with Andy McLoughlin was taken from our show Startup Success. Andy can be found on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andymcloughlin/. If you want to hear more episodes like this one, check us out on Apple Podcasts.

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