SaaS Metrics Simplified w/ Debbie Rosler


In order to truly understand SaaS companies, you need to go beyond standard financial metrics, such as revenue and operating income, and dive into SaaS metrics.

In today’s episode, Debbie Rosler, Fractional CFO at Burkland, shares her thoughts on how startups should leverage top SaaS metrics.

The audio for today’s episode comes courtesy of a previously recorded webinar hosted by the Female Founders Alliance. JP Ferro, who handles Ecosystem Partnerships at Burkland, assisted the presentation.

Debbie discusses:

  • The top 10 SaaS metrics - and well explained
  • How often you should track each metric
  • Which metrics are most relevant by startup stage
  • B2B vs. B2C SaaS metrics

Check out the SaaS Metrics Simplified Webinar.

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